The Best Board Games to Play with Friends

Feb 21,

Why not play board games with family or friends on evenings and weekends instead of lying in front of the TV or wandering aimlessly on the internet? They will help to diversify the social events, parties, or spice up just to have fun. What is the coolest board game - it's up to you, we just picked up those games that are rightfully considered legendary.

The Best Board Games to Play with Friends
#1 - Abalone

Abalone is a new generation of classic board games for two - such as chess, checkers, dominoes and backgammon. The playing field is a hexagon with grooves. The opponents each have 14 glass marbles. The player's task is to push 6 enemy balls out of the field. It looks like sumo - but, unlike combat sports, victory in this intellectual game does not depend on strength or weight, but on clarity of thought and attention!

7 Wonders: Duel
#2 - 7 Wonders: Duel

The "7 Wonders: Duel" is a strategy game for two players. You can win either by combining possible parameters or with the help of a brilliant game in one of the industries. It sounds confusing, but thanks to this seeming complexity, the game does not get boring for a very long time.

The Settlers of Catan
#3 - The Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan are Carcassonne's closest rival in popularity. This is a more complex and, accordingly, more "addictive" game. This time, the players must enter into bargaining with each other, exchange resources in excess for those that are missing, build ports, conduct maritime trade and, possibly, enter into conflicts with neighbors.

Battleship (aka Battleships or Sea Battle)
#4 - Battleship (aka Battleships or Sea Battle)

The "Sea Battle" is a strategy game. The purpose is to be the first to sink the enemy's fleet. Players need to lead their fleet of ships in search of the enemy and shoot accurately at the coordinates.

#5 - Monopoly

The reputation of Monopoly as the "best" has been steadfast for several decades. Both children and adults like this game. The reason is in building a special relationship between the players. The spirit of competition not only separates people, but also unites them. For example, for favorite entertainment.

#6 - Munchkin

Munchkin is the world's most popular board game for a company of 3 or more players. You have to pump your character: fight and fight again! Get ready for the fact that rivals will slow down your development. A fun evening (or half a day!) is guaranteed for you and your friends.

#7 - Carcassonne

Carcassonne is a phenomenon in the world of board games and one of the most widely used board strategy game in the world. Everything is simple and intuitive in Carcassonne. The players step by step add a block to the map and decide whether to capture this territory for them, or to save their garrison (wooden men, the so-called "meeples") for a more tidbit.

#8 - Mafia

"Mafia" is a world's famous game in which residents of the city try to calculate and neutralize criminals, and gangsters shoot ordinary people one by one. Get involved in an uncompromising battle for the city and lead your side to the victory!

Small World
#9 - Small World

Small World is suitable for two players. The main advantage of this board game over its competitors is the variety of possible game situations and the duration between 30-60 minutes. The rules are simple enough, but after understanding them, you will discover one of the most interesting board games. This is a strategic thinking trainer that is suitable for children and adults. The game will expand the limits of understanding the processes taking place in the world.

Party Alias
#10 - Party Alias

You saw how this board is played on TV. Party Alias is so popular that even in the TV series "House", there is an episode in which the characters play one of its varieties. Players are divided into 2 types: explaining and guessing. The task of the first is to help the second to guess a certain word without saying it. Seems like it couldn't be easier? It is - but not always. But you will laugh so much!

#11 - Jenga

Jenga is played all over the world. The Japanese even made a separate entertainment TV show about Jenga. How did this board conquer millions of hearts? The answer is genius and simplicity. You need to get as many blocks as possible from the wall of bricks.

Game of Thrones
#12 - Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones offers a real epic scope, and the simple military power may not be enough to win. You will be able to gain power by force or use tricks and flattery on the way to the Throne, or perhaps you will decide to attract the population to your side. Using strategic planning, skillful diplomacy, and the use of available maps, spread your influence throughout Westeros!

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