The Best Classic Arcade Games of All Time

Mar 15,

It has been a long time since the first arcade games were released, but arcade games are still being played and popular. We have compiled a list of the best arcade games that will remind you of the old times.

The Best Classic Arcade Games of All Time
Asteroids (Atari, 1979)
#1 - Asteroids (Atari, 1979)

Design by Dominic Walsh, Ed log, and Lyle Rains Asteroids is a vector graphic classic from 1979. This famous game was inspired by the video game Space Wars, and it lets you control a spaceship in an asteroid field. To accomplish the mission of destroying saucers and asteroids, you have to make sure not to get hit by the saucer’s shot or not to collide with them.

Pac-Man (Namco, 1980)
#2 - Pac-Man (Namco, 1980)

Pac-Man is one of the world’s most famous maze games, and I guess everyone who has some sort of interest in gaming would have heard this or even played this. However, not many people are aware that its original name Puck-Man. It came from the Japanese phrase Paku-Paku, which means to flap one’s mouth open and closed.

Centipede (Atari, 1980)
#3 - Centipede (Atari, 1980)

Centipede is another most successful game from the golden era of arcade games. It is a fixed shooter arcade game that makes you combat fleas, spiders, scorpions, and centipedes by moving Big Blasters to shoot darts. You earn points by destroying insects, spiders, and scorpions.

Donkey Kong (Nintendo, 1981)
#4 - Donkey Kong (Nintendo, 1981)

Created by the legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Donkey Kong was a massive hit with gamers due to its innovative gameplay. This classic coin-op was Nintendo's iconic title that remains a firm favorite for competitive gamers. Its gameplay moves around monkeys who try to kidnap a princess and try to crush you with barrels.

Space Invaders (Taito, 1978)
#5 - Space Invaders (Taito, 1978)

A space invader is another one of the most iconic and profitable video games of all time. Being one of the earliest 2D shooters, it was highly addictive and remained a fan favorite for a long time. And if we talk about its gameplay, it aims to destroy wave after wave of descending aliens with a laser cannon. Besides this, you can get bonus points by destroying the mystery ships that sometimes move at the top of the screen.

Mortal Kombat (Midway, 1992)
#6 - Mortal Kombat (Midway, 1992)

Mortal Kombat (1992) is the first title in the Kombat series. Developed and published by Midway, it was one of the fascinating fighting games back that time. Moreover, it has spectacular fight moves that often finish the opponents in a bloody fashion. And although, before the release of this game, the Street Fighter series was ruling the fighting genre, Mortal Kombat did reasonably well and earned a handsome revenue.

Defender (Williams Electronics, Taito 1981)
#7 - Defender (Williams Electronics, Taito 1981)

The defender was one of the most memorable arcade games of the early ’80s. Developed and released by William Electronics, it was a horizontally scrolling shooter game set on an unnamed planet, where players look to defeat waves of invading aliens and protect astronauts.

Street Fighter II (Capcom, 1991)
#8 - Street Fighter II (Capcom, 1991)

Doesn’t matter what one may think, but Street Fighter II was among the most influential fighting games backdated. The Sequel to Streetfighter (1987), Street Fighter II, caused the brief resurgence of arcade games in the 90s. The game has plenty of unique and intriguing points, starting with multiple playable characters, a six-button configuration, and command-based special moves, competitive 2-player mode, and more.

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